... to the campaign for a sustainable Volusia County.

"My name is William Bliss, and this website is more than simply my political campaign site, it is also the home base for a volunteer movement composed of citizens who recognize that the Volusia County Soil & Water Conservation District must transition to become an effective protector of Volusia's future. This transition will require that all five Supervisors recognize their responsibility to serve in the full capacity of a county Sustainability Council, similar to councils which are forming all around our country. This is the primary reason I am running for the office of SWCD Supervisor, to make this happen now. The proven threats to our shared future are too severe for Volusia County not to have a hard working and effective Sustainability Council, a council composed of educated elected officials responsible only to the people and never to dark money, a council which will quickly develop a plan of operations whose scope is commensurate to the severity of our rapidly degrading ecology and economy."

Why Volusia's Economy is Not Currently Sustainable

Everyone seems to recognize that the global trends of our human civilization are not sustainable, but rarely do we talk about these problems. Wonderful new high tech improvements to our civilization, such as cellphone cameras, for the first time demonstrate the worsening pollution, loss of fertile land, climate change, global arms races, and a growing global population on the brink of massive starvation. We also recognize that global problems are always related to the summation of local problems, and beautiful Volusia County is no exception. We too, have trends which are not sustainable.
  • Polluted springs, lakes and rivers severely hurting our fishing, boating and ecotourism industries.
  • Unchecked population growth, urban expansion, and a spreading pox of single family homes.
  • Wildlife corridors increasingly partitioned into unlivable kill zones for Florida's already endangered species.
  • Growing numbers of mosquito and tick borne diseases.
  • A tropical tourism based economy destroying itself by ignoring what attracts those tourists in the first place.
Problems like these are not unique to Volusia County, and they are the reason why all around our nation people are forming Sustainability Councils composed of educated professionals whose job it is to assess all the problems and devise the most economically efficient solution.

Volusia County must have its own Sustainability Council, composed of educated elected officials responsible only to us residents and never to the dark money which is currently overwhelming our democracy.


In 1937, Soil & Water Conservation Districts were created in Florida expressly for the purpose of protecting our environment, our health and our economy. For far too long our SWCD Supervisors have ignored the immense severity of our county's problems. They have failed to seek out advice from our county's best and brightest experts, have failed to communicate the dangerous trends to the public, and have failed to address what the experts know to be our only rational course of action.

This dereliction of governmental duty must stop now!

I am running for the office of Supervisor because our existing Soil & Water Conservation District, as described by its founding documents (F.S. Chapter 582), was intended to protect the health and welfare of both wildlife and residents without expressing legislative authority over them, in essence what we would today call a Sustainability Council. No other government entity has both this express purpose and public-sided self-constraint. No other government entity could therefore have the same ability to quickly satisfy the need for unbiased technical advice on quality of life restorations and protections which our residents demand and deserve. Similarly, no new legislation drafted at any level of government, can be passed quickly enough to create an independent and elected Sustainability Council. In other words, transforming our existing Soil & Water Conservation District into a trusted and productive research and public education entity is our best option.

Candidate's Pledge

I pledge, to bring to Volusia County its first fully funded and functional Sustainability Council.
I pledge, to start this sustainability work now, to run my campaign not simply to win this seat, which I will, but to also work now as a citizen member of a functioning Sustainability Council responsible to the people of Volusia County. My mission will be to...
  1. Seek out and learn from our area's best scientists, economists and related domain experts.
  2. Seek out and unite the efforts of every local organization and government agency related to sustainability.
  3. Bring expert opinions to the public's attention.
  4. Form a Sustainability Advisory Group composed of hard working experts willing to collaborate on the creation of 5 and 20 year plans for improving and protecting the quality of life, both human and animal, in Volusia and neighboring counties.
  5. Promote training and educational programs for our Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisors so they know how to organize the step-by-step solutions outlined in the above plans.
  6. Obtain funding for our county's Soil & Water Conservation District to pay for necessary research, public education programs and other projects prerequisite to completing our 5 and 20 year plans.

This is my campaign. This is my pledge.
I ask you to join me and teach me. I ask you to help me sustain Volusia.

William Bliss

What You Can Do To Help

  • Volunteer. Sustainability requires the efforts of everyone, starting with you.
    • Read about our immediate projects, and how you can join them.
  • Follow and Like us on Facebook.com/SustainVolusia
  • Sign our petition asking Volusia County Council to recognize SWCD as our county's official Sustainability Council.
  • Make sure you can vote on November 6th by checking Your Voter Status.
    • if you need to register go here.
  • Make sure your friends also vote. Consider organizing a voting party or car pool.
  • Ask your government office holders, and candidates running for those offices, what they are doing to sustain Volusia?