The projects listed here are being organized by William Bliss as part of his campaign for the office of Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor. In other words, William is doing right now, as a private citizen, what the SWCD Supervisors should have been doing for decades. These projects will be continued under the jurisdiction of the SWCD if William is elected. If not elected, the SWCD has the right to ignore these projects, but be assured, William will continue to work on them along with all the rest of us co-volunteers, because these projects must be done.

Sustainability Projects

The purpose of the SWCD is to work as an umbrella organization for all groups willing to work together to improve our environment, and quality of life, thus assuring policies which are sustainable over the long term.
This is the biggy, the project which has been ignored far too long. It will be a lot of work, and requires a lot of volunteers, but only after this project is successful can our SWCD Sustainability Council do its job. Sustainability is a coordination effort, a listening-learning-teaching activity which starts by finding like minded groups and individuals, and then coordinating their goals.

2) Invite Scientists to Speak at all Sustainability Council Meetings

After finding scientists and domain experts who study sustainability, our Sustainability Council must listen to them and learn. The issues are complex and the details need to be understood so that long range plans can be constructed. All the Supervisors must learn this information, and Florida sunshine rules requires that such presentations to two or more Supervisors be done at official meetings. This allows the general public to keep up to date on these issues.

3) Organize a Public Lecture Series on Sustainability Issues

Long term plans are useless unless the public is aware of them and has the opportunity to comment on them. While all Sustainability Council meetings are open to the public, often it is only after a plan is published that the public becomes aware of the plan. This is the fault of both the government and local media. A public lecture series could be constructed around the entire planning process from listing issues, outlining solutions and setting timelines and goals.

4) Organize the Collaborative Writing of 5 and 20 Year Operational Plans

One of the purposes of any government is to create a well defined and stable business environment in which businesses can create profitable long term business plans. Local businesses need to know the direction our community wishes to take and how & when we are going to implement changes. Intelligent and effective long term plans promote economic development while assuring Sustainability.

5) Research Needed Grant Publication and Proposal Review Process

There is so much scientific research work which must be done, and one of the Sustainability Council's responsibilities is to see that it gets done. The list of Needed Research outlined here will be promoted to area researchers along with the creation of small associated grants. Our chore will be to acquire the funding necessary for these grants.

6) Transition our Soil & Water Conservation District into a recognized Sustainability Council

This project is possibly the simplest of all our top projects. This is because Florida Statute Chapter 582, which establishes the SWCD, already describes what we know today to be a Sustainability Council. No new duties need to be legislated other than we need to make sure our local Sustainability Council is appropriately funded.